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2024 ACRO Summit Underscores the Importance of Continued Education in Radiation

March 22, 2024

As advancements continue to unfold across the spectrum of radiation oncology, disseminating information on new treatment strategies, novel technologies, and ongoing research to up-and-coming oncologists is vital to keep the field moving forward, according to Steven Finkelstein, MD, DABR, FACRO.

“One of the things I strongly believe in is exposing our youth early to what we do as oncologists across the spectrum of oncology,” Finkelstein said in an interview with OncLive® during the 2024 ACRO Summit. “I love to see when young folks come [to these meetings], and they get here and bathe in all the excitement of what it means to help patients.”

During the interview, Finkelstein highlighted the significance of the 2024 ACRO Meeting, discussed unmet needs in radiation oncology that ongoing research endeavors aim to address, and explained the value of integrating potential oncologists into the radiation field early in their careers. For more details click here.