If you have any of the following, please call our office before coming in for your appointment: Fever AND cough; Fever OR cough and recent travel (domestic or international to any destination); Recent international travel to areas impacted by the Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) within the last 14 days; OR close contact with someone who has traveled outside the US or been exposed to the Coronavirus.

Physician Specialties

Radiation Oncology

Radiation therapy is the use of high-energy x-rays or radioactive materials to kill cancer cells. This radiation injures the cancer cells so that they can no longer continue to divide and multiply. We use a linear accelerator and 2D/3Dimensional treatment planning to maximize the effect on cancer cells, while minimizing its effects on a patient’s normal tissues.

Each treatment causes more cells to die, reducing the size of the cancerous tumor. Radiation therapy involves various techniques, including external beam and or internal radiation. Radiation treatment is odorless and invisible and daily treatments are brief, typically only lasting only 5-10 minutes.

Your board certified radiation oncologist and medical oncologist will work together closely to determine if your treatment will include radiation therapy. They will meet with you and your personal care team to explain your best treatment options and answer your questions.

Florida Cancer Affiliates offers innovative radiation therapy technologies including: